MK Online Education is fully own by MK Group of Company based out of India head office is in Noida established in June-2018 by Mr. Manohar Kumar Singh. Education is defined as one of the compelling necessities that shape the destiny of a human. To engage in the mission to set up a next-generation India, MK Online Education has accepted the responsibility to elevate the literacy standard by facilitating educational services at the most accessible place of students at their home.

With the surge in adoption of Online education worldwide, all scales of knowledge seekers have marched forward to find their mentor at the touch of their fingertip. One thing we missed since decades was witnessing the marriage of technology with teaching, and now with the commencement of MK Online Education, dreams are not beyond our radar to attain.

MK Online Education functions to assemble the distinct dimensions of education at one place to avail the all-career options to the pupils spread across the globe. With a distinct approach and vision, we take a great deal about introducing reforms in brainstorming our beneficiaries to prepare for competitive exams. We put education no longer under the bar of bill to produce another business. For the poor and unprivileged, we formulate specific customize career options in the best of their budget.


Want to Become Business Partner with us ?

Educational Institutions & related firm are most welcome to establish strategic partnership with larger and highly regarded MK ONLINE EDUCATION  to offer wider training portfolio and Placement services in various Industry across the globe.

We also providing Various types of Telecom Network Training, soft skills, hospitality & technical educational services & Career Placement in collaboration with various national & international Educational institutes and Companies.

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